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We are technology providers. 

And therefore, we understand thedifficulty in contacting organizations to be able to show your products.

We also understand the suppliersdores who want penetrate the Spanish-speaking hotel market or, to those suppliers who want to enter the hotel vertical. 

And it is, for all this, whythat we have created a platform in which we help all of them to contact the main accommodation managers. 

we are hoteliers

In our team we have hoteliers who have  worked in the main hotel chains both nationally and internationally and in different departments, so we also understand the needs and difficulties in finding the most appropriate technology for your accommodations

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We enjoy working on what we like, we enjoy helping suppliers, we enjoy advising hoteliers, we enjoy events,

We enjoy teleworking...

This website has been translated into English using Artificial Intelligence

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We are guests

If there is something we like at HotelSAAS, it is traveling.both for pleasure and for work  soalso we are aware of what the guest needs in their stays to increase their satisfaction and therefore repeat your experience in the accommodation. 

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Discover the HOTEL MANAGEMENT software in just 4 clicks! 

We are the only one marketplace of hotel technology for the Spanish-speaking market and we have proposed to help,  both hoteliers looking for software to meet their needs and providers who, for different reasons cannot reach all the decision makers of all type of accommodation to showcase their products

We have suffered in our own flesh both situations so our main objective is to make hoteliers and suppliers find each other as soon as possible and without investing a large amount of time or money.

At HotelSAAS we always speak the same language, so it is very easy to understand the products that each provider has without having to have great digital knowledge.

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