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Widget platform for direct booking

What is it?


A widget tool to encourage direct sales is an application or digital platform that uses widgets (small applications or graphic components) integrated into a website or mobile application to encourage direct sales of products or services. These widgets are designed to attract visitors' attention and motivate them to make a purchase without having to leave the site.

Widgets can offer various functionalities to encourage direct sales, such as:

  1. Special offers: Show exclusive discounts, promotions or coupons for direct purchases.

  2. Shopping Pop-ups: Pop-ups that display attractive offers and promotions to encourage visitors to purchase.

  3. Live Chats: Provide the possibility of interacting in real time with customers to resolve queries and offer assistance during the purchasing process.

  4. Reviews and Testimonials: Show positive comments from other buyers to build trust and credibility in the purchasing process.

  5. Price Comparators: Allow customers to compare prices and features, highlighting that the best price is available through direct purchase.

  6. Quick Buy Buttons: Visible and accessible buttons that allow users to add products or services to the cart and complete the purchase quickly.

In short, a direct selling widget tool uses these visual and functional elements to guide visitors towards direct purchasing and improve sales conversion on a website or app.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Increase hotel revenue

✴️ Reduce my hotel costs

✴️ Increase direct sales

Widget platform for direct booking

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