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Information screens

What is it?

Guest experience

Information screens in hotels arevisual devices that display relevant and up-to-date information for guests. These screens are strategically located in common areas, such as the lobby, hallways or elevators, and their main objective is to provide useful information and promote the services and activities available at the hotel.

The main functionalities Information screens in hotels include the display of service hours, scheduled events and activities, information about hotel facilities, local news, recommendations for nearby attractions, special promotions and important messages for guests.

The advantages of using information screens in hotels they are diverse. First, they provide an effective way to communicate relevant and up-to-date information in a visual and engaging way. This improves the guest experience by providing clear and concise information about available services and activities, which can encourage participation and use of hotel facilities.

Additionally, informational displays can help promote additional hotel services, such as restaurants, spas, or recreational activities, which can increase internal sales and customer satisfaction.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Improve guest satisfaction

✴️ Improve communication with the guest

✴️ Increase employee productivity

Information screens

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