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What is it?


A B2B CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps hotels manage and optimize relationships with its business clients, such as travel agencies, tourism companies, event organizers and other commercial entities with which the hotel enters into transactions and agreements.

This type of CRM allows hotels to centrally record and manage information about their business clients. For example, data such as company name, contact information, booking history, special preferences and details of business agreements can be stored. 

The main objective of a B2B CRM isimprove business efficiency and customer satisfaction. By having all relevant information stored and available in one place, hotels can provide a more personalized service tailored to the needs of their business clients. Furthermore, B2B CRM It allows you to establish more effective and timely communication with these clients, which can generate stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Automate day-to-day management

✴️ Meet our guests

✴️ Increase direct sales


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Recommended providers

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