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Supply chain digitization

The digitalization of a hotel's supply chain involves the integration of digital technologies in the process of acquisition, storage and distribution of the products and services necessary for the operation of the hotel. This includes everything from inventory and supplier management to placing orders and delivering products to customers.

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Supply chain digitization

Bavel Procurement digitizes the entire supply chain with electronic orders, delivery notes, invoices, payments and all related processes.

Our solutions are created for manufacturers, distributors, service providers, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, food and beverage suppliers, wholesalers...

More than 1,200 food, beverage and maintenance suppliers and 3,000 restaurants and franchises use Bavel Procurement to automate their back-office processes.

Efficiency   and savings.
Regulatory compliance with electronic invoices adapted to the Crea y   Grow Law.
Plug & play with +150 leading PMS and ERP systems.
Bavel Network: a single integration connects you with the main restaurant groups, franchises, caterers and hoteliers in Spain.
Centralized digital archive and storage for 10 years.

Elimination of paper.
Automation of the entire invoice sending process (B2B, B2G, B2C) without importing the format, directly from the ERP.
Automation of the entire billing and purchasing process: order, delivery note, invoice, reconciliation, approval and payment flow.
Automatic reconciliation.
Real-time alerts and error messages to take action quickly.
Business rule validations.

What systems do you need integration with?

With the PMS or ERP

What is the implementation process for this product?

Our relationship with clients is very dynamic since our teams are directly involved in helping to implement the solution and manage internal change. At the beginning of the project, an account manager and implementation technician are assigned to lead the project. The project implementation and deployment process is divided into several phases: - Project Kick-off - Client assessment - Implementation - Formulation and deployment of the digitalization strategy - Project monitoring

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

2 months

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

It depends on the availability of the client and the teams involved in the implementation process.

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Your    integrations


Its integrations with  


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Acigrup, Alexandros, AmonRa Software, Arab Soft, Astro Hotel, Avalon (Antfor), DAP Informatica, Europwin, Fidelio Suite8, Hestia (Sime), HOIST-Planet, Host Hotel System, Indra, LEAN Hotel System, Mews, Navision, Newhotel, Noray, OfiHotel (Ofimatica), Opera, Opera PMS, Prestige PMS, Protel PMS, QuoHotel, Sihot, Suitech, Tecsoft, Tesipro - SIGH-ULYSES, Timon Hotel, Winhotel

PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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Avisis, Netsoming, Qtech, Travelgate, Traveloop

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

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Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

Amadeus, Derbysoft, HRS, Sabre, Travelport, Travelgate

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Its integrations with  
Other systems

Integrations with other systems

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Is there a free trial of the product? 

What is the configuration or set up price?


From €6,500

From €90 per month per establishment

What is the price for a 75 room hotel?  


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