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What is it?

Revenue Management

Hotel upselling software is a tool designed to increase revenue by offering guests additional services or upgrades during their stay. This software offers specific functionalities and benefits for both the hotel and the guests.

The main functionalities of hotel upselling software include identifying upselling opportunities, personalizing offers, automating the sales process, and tracking performance.

This software allows the hotel to efficiently identify upselling opportunities, such as upgraded rooms, additional services, special packages or recreational activities. In addition, it offers the possibility of customizing offers according to the preferences and needs of each guest.

For guests, upselling software provides the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced experience by accessing additional services or benefits during their stay. They can choose to upgrade their room, enjoy exclusive services such as a spa or high-end restaurants, or add additional activities to their itinerary.

Additionally, the software automates the sales and tracking process, allowing for efficient and accurate management of offers. It also facilitates performance analysis, helping the hotel identify the most effective upselling strategies and adjust its approach accordingly.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Incentivize the employee

✴️ Improve guest satisfaction

✴️ Increase hotel revenue


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