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Key bracelets

What is it?

Guest experience

Hotel key bracelets areportable devices that function as an alternative to traditional magnetic hotel room access cards. These bracelets are equipped with proximity or radio frequency (RFID) technology that allows guests to access their rooms and use hotel services conveniently.

The main functionalities of hotel key wristbands include the ability to unlock room doors by simply holding the wristband close to the RFID reader. In addition, these bracelets can be used to access common areas, such as the pool or gym, make internal payments at the hotel and record the consumption of additional services.

The advantages of using key bracelets in hotels are diverse. First, they offer convenience and convenience to guests as they don't have to worry about carrying a physical card or key. Additionally, the bracelets are waterproof and easy to wear on the wrist, making them ideal for outdoor or beach activities.

In addition, key bracelets improve security and access control, since their proximity or RFID technology is more difficult to duplicate or manipulate than magnetic cards. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access to rooms and increases guest peace of mind.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Reduce my hotel costs

✴️ Save guest time

✴️ Improve guest satisfaction

Key bracelets

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