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Housekeeping platform

What is it?


A housekeeping platform for hotels is adigital tool designed to help in the management and organization of room cleaning and maintenance tasks.These platforms facilitate communication between housekeeping staff and other hotel departments, improving efficiency and quality of service.

The main functionalitiesof a housekeeping platform for hotels include assigning rooms to housekeepers, tracking the cleanliness status of each room and generating reports in real time. Additionally, these platforms can offer checklists to ensure cleaning standards are met, as well as internal communication through messages and reminders.

The advantages of using a housekeeping platform are diverse. First, it optimizes the workflow of housekeeping staff by providing a clear view of assigned tasks and their current status. This helps avoid confusion and delays, improving efficiency in room management.

Additionally, these platforms improve communication and coordination between departments, such as reception and maintenance. This allows you to resolve problems quickly and provide faster and more satisfactory service to guests.

Another advantage is the ability to generate reports and statistics on the performance of housekeeping staff, which allows identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the allocation of resources.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Automate day-to-day management

✴️ Interdepartmental communication

✴️ Increase employee productivity

Housekeeping platform

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