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Digital twin

What is it?


It is a virtual and digital replica of a hotel thataccurately represents its features, facilities, operations and services. Using technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the digital twin provides an interactive platform to simulate and optimize various facets of the hotel. 

It allows you to show the potential guest the lexact location of each of the rooms, swimming pools, different services...and that is used on the hotel's own website soDirect sales increase considerably.

Furthermore, the digital twinhelps improve the guest experience by enabling the creation and optimization of personalized services. Hoteliers can simulate different scenarios and experiment with the configuration of services and amenities to offer a unique experience tailored to guest preferences.

Another advantage is the ability to test and evaluate new technologies and systems before implementing them in the actual hotel. This reduces the risks and costs associated with adopting new solutions by enabling the identification and resolution of problems in the virtual environment.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Increase direct sales

✴️ Reduce my hotel costs

✴️ Increase hotel revenue

Digital twin

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