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What is it?


A hotel loyalty system is a strategy and set of tools designed tomaintain and strengthen the relationship with existing customers, with the aim of fostering loyalty and increasing booking frequency. These systems typically include membership programs, loyalty cards, rewards, and exclusive benefits for returning guests.

The advantages of using a hotel loyalty system are numerous. First of all, allows you to build a solid base of loyal customers, which contributes to generating recurring income and stability in hotel occupancy. Loyal guests can also become brand ambassadors, recommending the hotel to other potential guests.

In addition, a loyalty systemoffers the opportunity to collect data and information about customers, allowing us to better understand your preferences and needs. This facilitates the personalization of services and the offer of experiences adapted to each client, which in turn improves their satisfaction and strengthens the long-term relationship.

Another key advantage isthe ability to offer exclusive rewards and benefits to loyal guests. This may include discounts on room rates, free upgrades, access to exclusive amenities, or earning points to redeem for rewards.

These incentives increase the perception of value for the customer and encourage their preference for the hotel.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Meet our guests

✴️ Build customer loyalty

✴️ Increase direct sales


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