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What is it?


A CRM is the acronym for Customer Relation Management, CRM B2C (Business-to-Customer) refers to a customer relationship management system designed for hotels and their interaction with end or individual customers.

Helps hotels manage and improve relationships with their direct customers, that is, those who book rooms and services directly with the hotel, such as tourists, business travelers and other individual guests. Besides,makes it easier to track and manage customer interactions. For example, reservation requests, communications made, special preferences and any other relevant information can be recorded and it also allows generating reports and analysis on the relationship with customers. This helps hotelsbetter understand customer preferences, identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities, and evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty. Another great advantage is that it allows us to establish more effective communication with customers throughout their life cycle, from the moment of reservation to their stay at the hotel. This may include sending personalized communications, special offers and reminders to ensure a positive experience and encourage customer loyalty.

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Automate day-to-day management

✴️ Meet our guests

✴️ Increase direct sales


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