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Communication with the guest (pre-in house-post)

What is it?

Guest experience

The guest communication platform (pre-in-post) or also called Customer Journey tool in English, refers to a platform or application that allows establishing and managing direct communication between the hotel and its guests before, during and after your stay.

 This type of software provides an enhanced experience by providing relevant information, services, and personalized assistance at different stages of the guest journey, from stay planning to post-departure follow-up. 

It can offer the following features and functionalities: 

Pre-stay:During the planning and booking stage, the software can send messages and notifications to guests to confirm their reservation, provide details about the stay, offer additional services, and respond to any questions or requests they have before their arrival.

Check-in and arrival: Software can facilitate the hotel check-in and arrival process by allowing guests to check-in online, provide arrival time information, and provide detailed instructions for accessing the hotel and its location. room. 

During the stay: Guest communication software allows guests to request additional services, make inquiries, make special requests, book activities, or make assistance requests to hotel staff. You can also provide information about hotel services, restaurant and spa opening hours, special events and any other relevant information during the stay. 

Post-stay: After check-out, the software can send guests thank-you messages, solicit feedback on their experience, and offer incentives to book again in the future. You can also provide information about special offers, promotions, or service updates that may interest guests. 

Automation and customization:The software can use automation to send personalized and relevant messages to guests based on their booking history, preferences and behavior. This may include service recommendations, reminders of nearby events or activities, and any other personalized information that enhances the guest experience. 

What do I need it for? 

✴️ Increase employee productivity

✴️ Improve guest satisfaction

✴️ Increase hotel revenue

Communication with the guest (pre-in house-post)

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