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Communication with the guest (in house)

What is it?

Guest experience

Hotel guest communication software refers to a platform orApplication that allows you to establish and manage direct communication between the hotel and its guests during their stay. This type of software facilitates efficient, personalized and real-time communication, providing an improved experience for guests and improving the interaction between the hotel and its clients. 

Hotel guest communication software can offer the following features and functionalities:

Messages and notifications: It allows you to send messages and notifications to guests through different channels, such as text messages, email, mobile applications or even chatbots.  Virtual concierge service:Guests can use the software to make requests for additional services or information, such as ordering room service, asking for local restaurant recommendations, booking activities, or requesting transportation. 

Self check-in and check-out:Some guest communication software offers the possibility of carrying out the check-in and check-out process automatically, allowing guests to avoid lines at the hotel reception and carry out these processes more conveniently.  ;

YoInformation about the hotel and its services: 

The software provides guests with detailed information about the hotel, including facility opening hours, available services, activities and events, hotel policies, among others. 

Feedback and comments: Guests can use the software to provide feedback and comments about their experience at the hotel, allowing the property to improve its services and address guest needs more effectively.

Integration with internal systems: The software can integrate with other hotel systems, such as the reservation management system, property management system (PMS), or customer relationship management system (CRM), to access up-to-date information and provide responses more precise and personalized to guests.

Implementing guest communication software in a hotel provides numerous benefits, such as more fluid and direct communication, greater customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiencyand the possibility of collectingvaluable comments and opinions from guests.

What do I need it for? 

Maintain communication with the guest

✴️ Improve guest satisfaction

✴️ Increase employee productivity

Communication with the guest (in house)

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