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Revenue Analytics

Revenue Analytics invented yield management in 1984. Today, we are the brains behind N2Pricing™, the first modern Revenue Management System for the hospitality industry. N2Pricing streamlines and automates revenue management across an entire portfolio of properties. These capabilities give revenue managers 50 hours back each month for high-impact work, so hoteliers can stop losing profit and start
tapping their people’s full potential.

Revenue Analytics
Revenue Analytics
Revenue Analytics
Revenue Analytics
Revenue Analytics

Our forecast was almost always incorrect and this represented a serious problem, since the team did not trust the price recommendations generated by the previous RMS. This meant that the team was wasting a lot of time that we didn't have.
I was very hesitant about switching to another RMS but I am very glad I chose N2Pricing. We could not operate with an incorrect forecast.
Jeff Michael, VP revenue Strategy. Pacifica Hotels.

Revenue Analytics

The Revenue Analytics team does a fantastic job ensuring an easy and seamless implementation, working alongside us, ensuring RMS works as we expect, and continuing to work with us, improving their platform so we can generate the best possible results. .
Greg Pohlod. VP Revenue Strategy. Accent Inns.

Revenue Analytics

We are delighted to welcome Revenue Analytics as an Alliance Partner. The very powerful forecasting capacity, the very easy-to-use interface and the "above-propert management" functionality will be very beneficial for member hotels looking for the best solutions.
Rhett Hirko, SVP Revenue Optimization & Distribution. Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

Revenue Analytics

This is exactly what we needed. Before N2Pricing, we wasted a lot of time updating prices day by day and room by room. Now we have time for strategic tasks. For me, this is the most valuable thing.
James Eason, VP Revenue Strategy, Crescent Hotels & Resorts.

Revenue Analytics

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Atlanta, USA and Barcelona, Spain

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Revenue Analytics
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Mensual, Trimestral, Semestral, Anual

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Revenue Analytics

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Tickets, Account manager, Mail, Asistencia telefónica

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Inglés, Español, Francés, Catalán, Italiano

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Revenue Analytics

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Opera PMS

RoomKey PMS

TCA Innsist


Jonas Chorum


RMS Hospitality

SPI Timeshare Software

Infor HMS

Maestro / Northwind PMS

Opera Light

Roomkey PMS


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Booking engine

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Channel Manager


Synsix by Sabre

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