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PMS (Property Management System)

protel is the hotel PMS software that manages all hotel activities on a single platform.

From front office to cash management, from housekeeping to maintenance, and even reporting and data analysis. Suitable for any type of hosting, protel PMS eliminates the burden of infrastructure costs.

Staff and management spend more time with guests by easily entering their data in a simple, comprehensive and functional interface.

Protel integrates with numerous management software for all hotel departments. Using the latest technologies, each property can reduce time and errors in managing on-site payments, improve staff uptime, and ensure a great Guest Experience. From credit card registration in the PMS to check-out, with payment software you can manage everything with just a few clicks.

With Guest Journey management applications, customers complete the check-in autonomously, interact with the hotel before, during and after the stay and can take advantage of the digital concierge service.

Data cleaning, Guezzt Hotel Marketing Automation and e-mail marketing functionalities can even be integrated into protel; Microsoft Business Central, HotelSelfie and iSelzSelfie Business Intelligence, Reservation Assistant for the management of the Spa and Wellness space and iSelz Cloud for the operational management of food and beverages with the integrated POS.

Software para hoteles

PMS (Property Management System)

Security and data protection:

  • Full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Data integrity and confidentiality are a priority
  • Tokenization - reduces the risk of data breaches and helps build trust with guests
  • Fully redundant – Improves information protection by protecting against data breaches

Hotel Reservations:

  • Simple interface and booking process
  • Effortless payment procedure
  • Information organized logically
  • Toggle between Check in, No show, Mobile Check-In and a bunch of others with a single click
  • Advanced search function with speech to text conversion


  • Guest registration
  • Search a profile
  • Make a reservation
  • Change a guest's room
  • Unsubscribe a guest

Hotel billing:

  • One-click access to post charges, print invoices and make payments
  • Currency Exchange Features and Exchange Rates
  • Invoice generation and history
  • Quick check-in feature for guests, non-guests or passers-by
  • Accounts receivable for payments received


  • Dashboard with vital information
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Color coded for easy reference
  • Assistant sheets: to quickly create work lists
  • Lost objects

Hotel maintenance:

  • Complete maintenance schedule
  • Prioritization tool
  • Analysis of actual costs versus estimates
  • Ticket system
  • Work time tracking

Protel Integrations:

  • Revenue analysis
  • Analysis of customer relationships
  • Business information integrations
  • Channel management systems
  • PBX with analytical functions
  • Point of sale systems
  • and over 1,000 useful integrations

Digital registration cards:

  • Quick and efficient registration
  • Directly communicate guest data with your protel PMS
  • Just a few touches and a signature
  • Reduces contact between staff and guests No delivery of pens, paper and documents
  • Electronically stores all necessary documents safely and securely
  • Allows your hotel to be economically and environmentally responsible
  • No pens or paper means more trees and less plastic


  • Easy and online check-in

  • Electronic signature

  • Speech recognition

  • Search like Google

  • Increase in direct reservations

  • Integrated Booking Engine

  • Automated payments

  • Hotel progress analysis

  • Integrated with more than 1,200 software

  • Intuitive and easy to use

What systems do you need integration with?

It is possible to choose the desired door opening system, switchboard, channel manager: protel has more than 1500 integrations.

What is the implementation process for this product?

One of our project managers will contact the client to define the planning of all configuration, training and commissioning activities, according to the client's operational needs.

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

One week

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

Three weeks

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Your    integrations

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Its integrations with  


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No requiere integración, Micros Fidelio, Opera, Opera Light, Opera PMS, Planet, Protel PMS

PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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Amadeus, Avvio, Bookassist, BookVisit, Cendyn, D-edge, Erevmax, GuestCentric, HotelRunner, Neobookings, Profitroom, Protel from Planet, Sabre, Simple booking, Siteminder, Staah, Vertical Booking, Otros

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

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Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

Amadeus, Blastness, BookAssist, Booking Expert, D- Edge, Dingus, Erevmax, Ermeshotels, Hotel Spyder, HotelRunner, HRS, MyComp, Parity Rate, PrimalRes, Profitroom, Rate Gain, Rate Tiger by eRevMax, Sabre, Simple Booking, SiteMinder, Staah, Synsix by Sabre, VerticalBooking, YieldPlanet, Otros

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Its integrations with  
Other systems

No integration necessary

Integrations with other systems

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