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Revenue Management System (RMS) (Rooms)

N2Pricing™ is a modern RMS for Centralized Revenue Management.

A cloud-native, “above property” Revenue Management system that combines Revenue Analytics' deep expertise in hotel revenue management analytics with an intuitive user interface for clients who do not have the luxury of manual revenue management. pricing and inefficiency in the Revenue Management process erode productivity, employee retention, RGI growth and GOPPAR profits.

N2Pricing™ enables the efficient management of a hotel portfolio by automating pricing management and inventory controls. This results in eliminating manual tasks, capturing previously unnoticed revenue opportunities, driving profitability, and enabling business strategy.

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Revenue Management System (RMS) (Rooms)

- Demand prediction.

- Price optimization.

- Inventory optimization and overbooking.

- Multi hotel process.

- Price recommendations for groups and events.

- Intraday updates.

- Autodetection of events.

- Results dashboard.

- Optimization of margins and profits.

- Compatible with mobile devices.

- Automation of differences between rates or types of rooms.

- Multi-property Process: manage all revenue management tasks on a single screen without having to go hotel by hotel, day by day and rate by rate.

- Visibility of the entire hotel portfolio on a single screen.

- Visibility of the team's usability of the system.

- Very intuitive user interface.

- Automatic event detection.

- Dynamic differences: automation of strategies based on the BAr rate and the standard room.

- Inventory optimization: the basics of revenue management are fully automated in N2Pricing.

- Guided navigation and access to Google-like Q&A.

- Intraday demand curves.

- Price optimization/quotation for groups/events.

- Price optimization for All-Inclusive.

- Special Forecast for Timeshare.



What systems do you need integration with?

PMS, CRS or Channel Manager, Rate Shopper or other data sources that the client may have available.

What is the implementation process for this product?

- The tasks carried out during the first four weeks focus on data integration, configuration and calibration of the RMS. During week 5 and 6, the reservation history is imported from the PMS and the import of reservations/cancellations/modifications, etc. begins. Week 7 is used for the implementation of the analytical modules. During weeks 8 and 9, calibration and tuning of the models, as well as training, are carried out. Weeks 10 and 11 are dedicated to user acceptance testing (UAT). During week 12 the start of production takes place.

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

12 weeks.

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

12 weeks.

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Your    integrations

Revenue Analytics

Its integrations with  


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No requiere integración, Cloudbeds, Infor HMS, IQWare, Jonas Chorum, Maestro / Northwind PMS, Mews, Opera, Opera Light, Opera PMS, RMS Hospitality, Roomkey PMS, RoomKey PMS, SPI Timeshare Software, StayNTouch, TCA Innsist

PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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Amadeus, Siteminder

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

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Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

SiteMinder, Synsix by Sabre

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Its integrations with  
Other systems

No further integration necessary

Integrations with other systems

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Discover the HOTEL MANAGEMENT software in just 4 clicks! 

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Our forecast was almost always incorrect and this represented a serious problem, since the team did not trust the price recommendations generated by the previous RMS. This meant that the team was wasting a lot of time that we didn't have.
I was very hesitant about switching to another RMS but I am very glad I chose N2Pricing. We could not operate with an incorrect forecast.
Jeff Michael, VP revenue Strategy. Pacifica Hotels.

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The Revenue Analytics team does a fantastic job ensuring an easy and seamless implementation, working alongside us, ensuring RMS works as we expect, and continuing to work with us, improving their platform so we can generate the best possible results. .
Greg Pohlod. VP Revenue Strategy. Accent Inns.

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We are delighted to welcome Revenue Analytics as an Alliance Partner. The very powerful forecasting capacity, the very easy-to-use interface and the "above-propert management" functionality will be very beneficial for member hotels looking for the best solutions.
Rhett Hirko, SVP Revenue Optimization & Distribution. Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

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What is the configuration or set up price?




What is the price for a 75 room hotel?  

Revenue Analytics

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