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Revenue Management System (RMS)(rooms)

A Revenue Management System (RMS) is essential in hospitality to maximize revenue and efficiency. Using analysis and algorithms, optimize prices, availability and market strategies. Evaluate historical and real-time data, forecast demand and segment the market, basing strategic recommendations. Thus, it achieves an optimal allocation of prices and rooms, considering previous occupancy, trends, events and competition. This system benefits the hotel by offering competitive prices and effective strategies. Optimize income by adjusting prices according to demand and market segment. With a data-driven approach, it improves decision-making and precision in pricing, adapting offers to the preferences of different guests.

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Revenue Management System (RMS)(rooms)

Configuration Alerts

Gap Analysis

Business Intelligence

Events calendar

Comparison with budget


Group travel (additional price)

Competitor study

Forecast by channel, by room, by rate plan,

Online rate management,

Includes flight search,

Integration with CRS, I

integration with the PMS,

Finance module,

Autopilot 3 times a day,

Possibility of overriding (over writing),

Pricing based on open rates,

Pricing based on derived rates,

Recommendation of sales closures,

Price recommendation,

Business rules,

online reviews,

dropout rate,

calendar view

View graphics

Dynamic Pricing and Customizable Autopilot

Every day, the Revenue Management System suggests the best rate for each room, up to 365 days in advance, and Autopilot automatically updates it.

Group Displacement

A feature that helps revenue managers decide if it is profitable to accept group bookings and at what rate, without penalizing individual bookings.

Rate Shopper

With this module, you can track competitor rates by room type, availability, and rate type.

Calendar & Gap Analysis

The calendar is a tool designed to update rates for the next 365 days and monitor hotel occupancy trends.

Flight Search

A unique module that provides data on demand pressure by analyzing millions of searches performed on flight metasearch engines.

Statistics and Marketing Overview

A set of statistics designed for in-depth analysis to understand hotel trends and plan effective strategies to improve performance.

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What is the implementation process for this product?

Once the signed collaboration contract is received, the set-up and implementation process will begin: the implementation team will send a WELCOME LETTER with an attached Excel with the information that the hotel (client) must fill out in order to begin the first phase from SET UP; Once the first phase of SET UP is finished, the connection will be activated to receive the PMS data and a QUALITY CHECK will proceed to check that everything is fine. Once this phase is finished, the TRAINING/FORMATION will proceed; where the client will be guided to make certain configurations regarding their segmentation, minimum prices per room. etc Once the training has been completed, the LYBRA subscription will be RELEASE

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

2 weeks

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

1 month

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PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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No requiere integración

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

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Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

Bedzzle, Blastness, BookAssist, Booking Expert, DEdge, EasyRam, Ericsoft, Figaro(Duplicar_1), Hermes Hotels, Host, HotelAvailabilitieS, Hoteliga, Leonardo, LeoRevoo, MasterYield, Mews, MisterBooking, MyComp, Octorate, Parity Rate, Protel, Room Cloud, Simple Booking, SiteMinder, VerticalBooking, Wubook, YieldPlanet

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Other systems

No other integration is necessary.

Integrations with other systems

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