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Hotel Management Software

Optimize all areas of your hotel with the 9 Flexkeeping modules, designed to work together or independently according to your needs: Housekeeping Platform, Maintenance Platform, Task Management, Checklists, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Lost and Found, Guest Service, Guest Feedback Management, Analytics.

Software para hoteles

Hotel Management Software


  • Assign rooms remotely in advance
  • Dynamic cleaning schedule based on length of stay, rate or other PMS data.
  • Planning the optimal number of chambermaids.
  • Real-time monitoring of the cleaning status of the rooms.
  • Automatic updates for any change in reservation data.
  • Optimize inspections using digital checklists
  • Instantly report cleaning errors.
  • Manage the consumption of whites and amenities.
  • Analyze the productivity of chambermaids and detect trends.



  • Improve and accelerate maintenance tasks
  • Create, prioritize and delegate maintenance issues in real time
  • Manage preventive maintenance jobs and analyze staff performance


Task management

  • Manage any task by assigning, prioritizing and monitoring across all departments
  • Use a centralized channel to avoid confusion from WhatsApp, emails and calls.
  • Keep everyone up to date with notifications and alerts



  • Provides complete control and instant visualization of success rate and most common problems
  • Ensure all properties consistently meet your SOPs


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Easily distribute brand standards with documents, photos and videos
  • Update SOPs instantly, reflecting changes immediately for all users.


Lost and Found

  • Digitally record, track and manage all lost items to ensure prompt return


Guest service

  • Manage requests and minibar consumption from a single platform
  • Optimize your room service and order tracking


Guest feedback management

  • Streamline complaint resolution by assigning recovery tasks to department heads
  • Tracks Complaint Costs and Quality Costs Efficiently



  • Analytics and Actionable Reports to see trends and plan strategically

Flexkeeping offers a comprehensive solution for hotel management, with 9 modules designed to work together or independently depending on the hotel's needs.

What systems do you need integration with?

No integration is necessary, although a PMS integration provides more automations

What is the implementation process for this product?

Implementation takes place through three stages: Configuration, Training and Adoption

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

1 day

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

2 days

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Your    integrations


Its integrations with  


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No requiere integración, Amadeus, Apaleo, Cloudbeds, Guesty, HiRUM, Hotelinco/Fidelity by MAIS, Mews, Newbook, Opera, Opera PMS, PMS Hotelinco, Protel PMS, RMS Hospitality, roomMaster Anywhere, Serenisima, Sihot, WinksHotel

PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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No requiere integración

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

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Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

No requiere integración

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Its integrations with  
Other systems

Does not require any integration with other systems

Integrations with other systems

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What is the configuration or set up price?


The set up price depends on the size of the property

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