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Revenue Management System (RMS) (Rooms)

Guestrev® is the leading revenue management and profit optimization solution for hotels and casinos. Its powerful features deliver flexible, actionable real-time insights that incorporate optimal pricing suggestions, even at the most granular level.


Guestrev combines science and rules-based automation with the right level of control that revenue managers crave. With the unwavering accuracy of our algorithms, Guestrev gives you the confidence to offer personalized pricing for every guest. Start your day with certainty and reduce the amount of time and manual effort it takes to implement a total revenue optimization solution and adapt your strategy in real time.

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Revenue Management System (RMS) (Rooms)

Total profit optimization

Evaluate and understand your property's revenue mix and profit centers holistically and more strategically with up to nine ancillary revenue categories, customized for your hotel.


Dynamic pricing solutions

With a 90% acceptance rate, Guestrev offers open price recommendations by room category and market segment. Price each room category independently of overall demand based on factors such as perceived value, guest willingness to pay, and dynamic indicators of demand and availability.


Unlock True Guest Value

Guestrev employs the most accurate assessment of your guests' true earning potential at the segment level. Understand your guests' willingness to buy, the cost of distribution - down to market segment and booking channel - and overall profitability while they are at the property.


Sync PMS data in real time

Predict accurately, price with certainty, and make quick, agile decisions. Sync your PMS data to Guestrev in real time so you can see the most accurate picture of your data, outside of standard overnight processing.


  • Evaluate and understand your property's mix of income and profit centers with up to nine custom ancillary income categories.
  • Get the right level of control with rules-based automation.
  • Unlock true guest value at the segment level and understand your guests' willingness to buy, cost of distribution, and overall profitability during their stay at your property.
  • Analyze the velocity of demand for each room category, regardless of overall demand with our dynamic pricing solutions.
  • Predict accurately, price with certainty, and make quick, agile decisions with synchronized PMS data.

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You can't do much with spreadsheets, but having a system that can analyze our customers' spend and value and use analytical information to direct demand and response accordingly is priceless. Guestrev has been quite effective in that regard, especially when combined with the experience of the Cendyn team.

– Corey Stanley, Director of Revenue Management, Seneca Gaming

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Cendyn has gone beyond our expectations. From the program to support to the team, everyone has gotten back to us quickly to resolve any issues we've had. Communication was excellent throughout the entire process and the on-site training was fabulous. The Cendyn team didn't just offer solutions, they provided us with real training.

– Sarah DeVeau, Director of Guest Services, Coeur d'Alene Resort

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It has been critical to our success to fully understand and trust Guestrev to recommend the correct pricing strategy to ensure we were able to not only attract our high value Gaming customers to the site, but also optimize our business performance from a public pricing strategy perspective.

– Renato Gualberto, Chief Revenue Officer, Hospitality SkyCity Auckland

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