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Prepaid rate with insurance

BeSafe Rate is the software that allows you to offer a prepaid rate with insurance included.

The rate will be added to your direct sales plans and will allow you to increase direct reservations and offer you a secure payment for both cancellation and health for your guests.

Thanks to the possibility of customization, it can be adapted to any type of accommodation.

Prepaid rate with insurance

Guaranteed and disintermediated income

With BeSafe Rate your earnings are guaranteed even in case of cancellation.

The additional tool to maximize your direct online and offline sales by paying less commissions to OTAs.


Easy to use for you and your guests

For your guests nothing changes. You have to manage your reservations secured with BeSafe Rate thanks to an easy-to-use platform designed specifically to meet the needs of hoteliers.


More power for income

Increase customer offers and cash flow by optimizing your income. Choose from our packages the right formula for you and manage the rate as you wish, BeSafe Rate adapts perfectly to all sales strategies.

 Cash flow

Protect your income and the stay of your guests.



It adapts to your sales strategy with several types of BeSafe Rates (BeSafe Summer, BeSafe Winter, BeSafe Business). For any type of accommodation.



Refund for any justifiable reason, guaranteed within 7 days and through a platform developed for the guest.


Easy and user-friendly

It is already integrated with your management system and simple communication for your guests.


What systems do you need integration with?

Pms, Channel Manager or Booking Engine / It can also be used without integration, with just two clicks.

What is the implementation process for this product?

Onboarding with the BeSafe Rate team and then connection of the rate with the system

What is the minimum implementation period for this product?  

From membership (free and no fixed costs) to onboarding / setup 30 days max

What is the maximum implementation period of this product?

Pending data

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Your    integrations

BeSafe Rate

Its integrations with  


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No requiere integración, 5stelle, Availbook, Avantio, Cloudbeds, Mews, Sihot, Slope

PMS Integrations

Its integrations with  
Booking engine

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No requiere integración, Bookassist, D-edge, Mirai, Octorate, OpenROOM, Paraty Tech, Roomcloud, Simple booking, Vertical Booking, Witbooking, Otros

Reservation Engines Integrations

Channel Manager Integrations

Orange isotype with white background.png

Its integrations with  
Channel Manager

No requiere integración, Avantio, Beddy, Bedzzle, BookAssist, Booking Expert, Cloudbeds, DEdge, Dingus, Ericsoft, Ermeshotels, Host, HotelAvailabilitieS, Mews, Octorate, Passepartout, Room Cloud, Simple Booking, SiteMinder, VerticalBooking, Wubook

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Its integrations with  
Other systems

Integrations with other systems

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Their customers

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Is there a free trial of the product? 

What is the configuration or set up price?


There are no membership costs or fixed costs

Commission based on the type of BeSafe Rate rate

What is the price for a 75 room hotel?  

BeSafe Rate

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