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Personalization platform

A widget tool to encourage direct sales is an application or digital platform that uses widgets (small applications or graphic components) integrated into a website or mobile application to encourage direct sales of products or services. These widgets are designed to attract visitors' attention and motivate them to make a purchase without having to leave the site. "

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Personalization platform

In order to increase Direct Channel sales, One2guest allows you to personalize the Digital Customer Journey through Pop Ups and Personal Bell (personalized notifications and marketing communications that follow the model of the    ;social networks).

Create personalized campaigns by market, origin, navigability, channel, device and much more.

More than 20 fully customizable widgets.

Easy, fast and autonomous configuration.

It allows: Impact on the first visit and increase the database naturally.

Offer personalized promotions to increase direct channel conversion.

Disintermediate OTAs with exclusive disparities for segmented markets.

Recommend products or services and increase cross-selling and upselling.

Reduce abandonment rate with countdown or exit feature.

Reward your repeat users with exclusive discounts on subsequent visits.

Through more than 20 fully configurable widgets:

Direct booking widget /

Widget reviews /

informative widget

aspirational video widget

Urgency generation widget

Discount coupon widget

Newsletter capture widget

Conversion Tracking Widget

Online reputation widget

Customizable html widget.

Trigers (activators) can be applied to all of them depending on the market, origin, navigability, channel, device and much more.

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